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Today 58% of people no
longer trust the news

With 2.5 billion active news readers around the world, any problem in the 'news system' has profound global consequences.

We’ve seen these in the US (Trump), the UK (Brexit), and worldwide with vaccine skepticism and climate change denial.

newspapers and magazines

News products haven’t been able to match the convenience of social media while staying true to quality journalism.

DeepNews app with perspectives

Tschüss, Bye Bye, Au Revoir Clickbait and Fake News

DeepNews presents the most relevant stories on any topic and enriches them with different perspectives and background information. It prioritizes high-quality content and filters out clickbait with a novel omni-lingual NLP AI.

DeepNews app

Giving you the most relevant news and prioritizing objective quality

Relevance: DeepNews goes through hundreds of thousands of articles every day to find the stories that matter most, so you don’t have to.

Quality: DeepNews rewards quality journalism, by prioritizing high-quality articles and by filtering out clickbait.

DeepNews app with perspectives

Bringing back trust by showing all sides of every story

Perspectives: For every story you read, DeepNews presents you all perspectives on the topic, enabling you to see the full picture.

Background information: DeepNews shows you background information on the protagonists of a story, so that you never feel left behind.

DeepNews app with personalization

Fitting the news experience to your interests — without a filter bubble

Personalisation: Based on the articles you read within the app, DeepNews adapts the news experience to match your interests.

No filter bubble: By providing different perspectives and new topics, DeepNews is ensuring that you don’t get trapped in a filter bubble.

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The latest trends in every category
<strong>The latest trends in every category</strong>
Powerful, simple news search
<strong>Powerful, simple news search</strong>

Where did the idea for DeepNews come from?

The trigger: As early as 2015, DeepNews’ founding team saw the problem infesting the news world... and the consequences it had produced: from the election of Donald Trump and Brexit to Climate Change skepticism and vaccine denial.

A clear goal: To create a trustworthy news experience for readers around the world, and specifically to provide younger audiences with an alternative to Social Media when it comes to news.

How the team’s background made it possible

Independent funding: With the exit of MATH 42 in 2017 the founding team had the capital required to tackle such a problem while staying independent from outside interests.

Technological know-how: The team has a strong background in NLP, search technology and AI, all of which are necessary to even begin to approach the problem.

Startup experience: The team has shown how to solve a highly complex technological problem and turn this technology into a scalable product for millions of users.

Maxim Nitsche

Maxim Nitsche

Business & Product

Co-Founder of MATH 42 (exit to Chegg)

Director of International Growth at Chegg

AGM at Chegg Math

Thomas Nitsche

Thomas Nitsche


Co-Founder of MATH 42 (exit to Chegg)

Co-Founder of Proximic (NLP, exit to ComScore)

Intelligent search engine for Allianz AG

Patents: 'Learning Heating', 'Intelligent Switch'

Computer chess world champion (Mephisto I-III)

Raphael Nitsche

Raphael Nitsche


Co-Founder of MATH 42 (exit to Chegg)

Principal Engineer at Chegg Math

Antonia Düker

Antonia Düker


Previously at Siemens (Gas-insulated high-voltage switches)

Previously at German Auto Labs

Lecturer for Embedded Systems (2017-2019)